Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sacha Handbag (NEW)

-Never been used
-Price to letgo : RM150.00

White Blouse (NEW)-SOLD

-Kes tersilap saiz waktu beli pastu terus balik sini
-Dah xleh nak pulangkan
-Size : 38
-Price to letgo : RM20.00

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reusable Techni Ice Sheet (New)-UNAVAILABLE

To letgo : RM30 (free shipping)

Ameda Flexishield (pair of two) - SOLD

Ameda Flexishield (pair of two)Flexishield Aeriola Stimulator - This soft, comfortable flexible insert was designed to fit on the breast shields of most standard breastpumps. The flexishield massages your aereola and mimics the feel of a baby's mouth to stimulate let-down, thereby increasing your milk flow and volume. Also reduces shield size for maximum effectiveness on smaller breasts. This product is manufactured by Hollister. Contains two flexishields.

-Price to letgo : RM80.00

Spectra 3 with extra tubing - SOLD to Siti Rahmah

-Bought end of March 08
-Used for 6 months
-Price to letgo : RM 280.00 (nego)

Made by Lena